English page for International dancers

Foto: Maaike Codde

Favole welcomes international dancers!

We often have students that are here just temporary (for example with an Erasmus exchange project of for their job), for the duration of their studies, children who study at an international school or people who have just moved to Belgium permanently.

All our teachers are able to teach in English or translate important information
during the classes, aswell as helping out regarding the subscription.

In the past we were pleased to receive dancers from Africa, Asia, Greece, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Schotland, Spain, Germany and so on.


For more information regarding certain dance levels or styles, feel free to mail us:


Our dance studio is located in Hoogpoort 41A, 9000 Gent.
Please push the Favole bell and you will be able to push the door open simultaniously to enter the dance studio.


Here you can find our schedule from monday to saturday.

The ages are written underneath in years and adult classes are marked with ‘volwassenen’.


Prices per semester (5 months),
depending on how many classes a week, can be found here.
Insurance is included in all prices.


There is a dance shop at the studio,
where you are able to buy everything
one needs to follow dance classes.

->  Click this button to go to the page to register for a free trial lesson (= 'proefles') or to subscribe.

Remark: When your sign-up for a class is succesfull you will automatically receive an e-mail. 
When a class is full you can always sign-up for the waiting list (='wachtlijst')

International experiences

Our own dancers also join some international workshops or competitions.

The Showteam dancers already went to compete in the Netherlands serveral times,
while our adults regularly follow workshops in England and Scotland.

Our Dancemix and Hip Hop dancers take part in the International project to dance a choreography for a videoclip
together with dancers all over Europe for the Industrial Herritage.

Isabelle dances around the world for performances, workshops and competitions.
Milan, London, Ramstein, Marseille, Hannover, Kent, Glasgow, are just some of the places she went to dance.

Tips are welcome

When our own dancers take part in an exchange project,
they often look for a way to dance in the country they end up in.
So tips about other international dance studios are always welcome!

International assignments

Isabelle D’Hoine, dance studio owner, teacher and choreographer, can always be contacted regarding international assignements regarding workshops or choreographies.

She also works closely with international pointe shoe service